What do Women Want?

I love this story Meg! Springing straight out into a cannonball from the genderless platform, I’d like to share my first thought. (Maybe I should share my first list, or my first kiss…, but that would entail a boy named McCoy, the 6th grade and a neighbor intrusively shouting at us while I perched on a log and puckered up for my first smack-a-roo… ahh…a story for another day and one which would only serve to confuse the whole genderless platform I’ve just flung myself off. But I digress…

I was about to say it took me a very long time to realize the first thing on my list should have had more to do with me than another person. I needed to know what I already had in stock (to give), what I wanted in return, and where I could not afford to sell myself short.

If I were to give dating advice, which I’m not, but if I were, I’d say write this at the top of your list before anything else then refer to it often because the first rush of hormones is going to make you forget you made a list at all.

  1. Compromise is a beautiful thing but I am worth holding out for these specific things: xyz
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