Now the elephant in the room, or the fantasy story floating around: The Afterworld Saga. No one volunteered to continue! Truly a shame and though I mentioned I would be willing to finish it, it would be contrary to it’s initial purpose. Wouldn’t you agree? So in a last effort, I implore upon any who read this to show interest and reach out! Only a few more chapters and we can move on to the editing phase.
Waxing and Waning
Kevin M. Schenk

I’m game. Let me get caught up on the chapters I’ve missed and I’ll take the next one. May I also suggest to the editors that you tag all previous writers of any chapter in the Saga or Cele each time you post a new chapter. I know this would give me a nudge and a reminder to “keep up” P.S. You’re a good motivator Kevin — Wax on!

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