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Jules Is it time for me to jump into this mud pie yet? :-))) Now I know why, oh the f*ck why I woke up at 4 A.M this morning!! It was because I was stewing over your bulldyke slurs, trying to figure out if you were calling me a bulldyke… HELL NO, DIDN’T HAPPEN! I am fine, though I did shut down all electronics for a nap this afternoon. I’m still groggy and power up to find you fretting? STOP. There has been no offending and even if there had been which there wasn’t we are building the grace and trust borne of friendship.

You and me sister we have the same worries at times and I am sick thinking you’ve been torturing yourself. After the beautiful stand you took for me and so many others like me? Reread my response if you can find it in my stream of blather comments and posts, hahah!?

BTW, I think I’m getting trolled ;-(. I’m not biting though, no matter how much I want to. If I’m going to engage anyone here they’re going to have to show their face and have not only joined Medium yesterday.

Chill Sister Mary Catherine Jules, it’s all GOOD my dear friend!

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