last week this morning or LWTM

You’ve heard the phrase, “In like a lion, out like a lamb” usually reserved to describe the typical coming of spring during the month of Marc ?

Okay, so what does that have to do with LWTM? Well, let me tell you. I remember when Tamyka Bell and her beautiful, sweet Rose arrived on Medium. She was, and still is a fresh and generous writer putting forth insightful reccomendations and critiques of various stories and poetry from around Medium. She came in with courage of a lioness with a lamb by her side…Frankly, her prowess as a poet and writer was just more icing slathered on the cake because she already had me at ‘Rose’.

In an insightful and entertaining way Tamyka found a niche and a need such a publication and she filled it by offering up wonderful pieces penned by some lesser known but no less talented poets and writers in a nice little package following a week of personal reading. The result is her wonderfully written publication she calls last week this morning! If you haven’t visited her and Rose yet, it high time you do. Here’s the link!

And here’s a nibble of what you’ll find, but I guarantee you’ll be back for more so just hit the follow button while you’re there! Rose and Tamyka will treat you right!

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