Rather than worry about her being bullied…
Sherry Caris

Public restrooms have always been a strange phenomenon to me. In the eighties while traveling in Japan, we stopped at a road side rest area which was nothing more than a trench with water running through it. Everyone squatted over it, did what they came to do and retreated. No muss no fuss. In the Phillipines you coughed up a few pesos to the elder guarding the entrance for a square (literally) of toilet paper, before going into a rotten stinking hole in the ground, which was unisex, by the way. So, a little perspective on our petulant and spoiled natures as Westerners. I use public bathrooms only when forced to do so, as a necessity. Using this necessary facility as the facade from which to hide any shade of bigotry is pure bull sh*t and belongs exactly where you would think, in the toilet. Personally speaking, as I regard “toileting” as a private matter (urgent or not), I would like to see all public facilities move toward single, private, and unisex. But until then, if you can’t get down with the idea another human being, who happens to be transgendered needs to use the restroom as urgently as you do, perhaps you should hold it until you get home.

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