Taking Matters Into My Own Hands: Interesting Pieces I’ve Read Lately
The Solitary Cook


Solitary Cook, to be simultaneously starstruck and dumbstruck at my inclusion here feels a bit like hopping around on one stocking foot while looking for the other misplaced sock, which I’m already clutching in my hand. Oh, the incongruent nature of our fragile place in this world and our own minds…sigh. To say “thank you” would mean I’ve somehow forced myself to recognize you have appreciated my writing in some way, so for the effort, I humbly and sincerely say, Thank You!

I knew I had “something” or some things to say, but I didn’t realize I had SO much to say, though I can assure you I give it about as much (stand alone) weight as a tiny tea cup of feathers in this vast ocean of talents.

There is so much I have now come to feel is an asset to my well-being as I explore and allow my voice a place to be heard in a public forum. But what’s most valuable to me as I experience Medium is the willingness, our willingness, yours and mine, to be one piece of the puzzle, one flower in the garden, one star in the night ( I could go on here…) then to join together, not just with those we feel in immediate accord with, but to allow ourselves to be open to those people whom our eyes, hearts, minds or life experiences would automatically and unconsciously/self consciously disqualify from kinship on the basis of some inconsequential physical or artitrary attribute.

For all our/my lamentations regarding the down side of certain social media venues, I’m optimistic and whole-heartedly encouraged to see the hardworking people known as the Medium Staff (i.e. folks just like elizabeth tobey) endeavoring to take the higher road, and to be counted as a peer among writer’s of this caliber? Well, to borrow a favorite descriptor from my dear and lovely friend, Jules I’m truly chuffed.

One parting thought. When I came through Medium’s doors a scant 3 months ago, several celebrated and beloved writers were leaving for reasons which were a challenge to unravel, but ultimately ended in a loss for the community I now cherish and think of as the creative, vulnerable and soft underbelly of Medium. I realized something very important then, Medium is not “out there” nor is not “them”. It’s us, you and me. Then I began to allow myself to become attached to all of you as you have taken me under your wing and into to a very real community in some enchanted corner of the internet. Humbly, I thank you. And I thank you again Solitary Cook for pushing me off the edge of the pool and deeper toward the bottom of my own heart so I might be able to articulate why I remain here and why I love Medium so much.

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