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24 Medium Publications Making Money with Memberships / Sponsorships
Dave Schools

Thank you Dave Schools for the article and the sweet Valentines Day gift of finding ourselves and The Knob in the company of some fantastic publications here on Medium! Aura Wilming and I are dedicated to supporting The Weekly Knob community of readers and writers by encouraging the craft of storytelling, as well as, the cherished pastime of reading. We do this by ‘Prompting Writers to Write’ through weekly prompts and other prompting devices available to writers who choose to become members. We encourage readers to read and by presenting them with a brand new edition of fresh stories each week. We are the only publication which completely refreshes its front page content every week without fail. Perhaps, we should consider changing our tagline to, ‘Prompting Writers to Write and Readers to Read.’

Thanks again Dave, sincerest congratulations and good luck with your own publication! — S Lynn