Heidi Conroy

Thank you, Heidi. I’m so happy to read this because we’ve really struggled with the shift. We don’t want TWK to take on the negative aspects of a competitive atmosphere or discourage anyone. Period. I believe each of us alone knows why we are writing and what we hope to achieve by investing ourselves in the craft of writing. It takes courage to offer our work in a public forum, especially if there is limited space and we all know what it’s like to fall short of the cut off line for whatever reason. Thus, we feel honored by every writer request and every submission.

What we can do, and I think you understand, is assure our contributors of our commitment to objectivity in the new process. In the end, we’d like to see The Weekly Knob continue to grow as a community of writers seeking to improve their craft while also becoming a showcase for the uniquely creative stories inspired here. After all, our first objective has always been Prompting Writers To Write.

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