The Health Of Our Nation Is Literally In The Toilet

I’m going to make a shameless endorsement because well, if you’re struggling to feel better like I am, then you’ll need all the help you can get, including discounts.

It’s bad enough healthcare in the United States is controlled by soulless, profit mongering companies that don’t give a damn about you and me, but now healthcare has become more of a political football than it’s ever been. The obvious problem here is the people who make money in this billion dollar industry don’t give a flying frack about our health. To them we are numbers and dollar signs, nothing more. And the puppeteer politicians vying for the healthcare industry’s good favor don’t give a rat’s ass either, as long as they get campaign donations which will allow them to keep their political seat.

Perhaps we could bat around the ethical and moral implications of this dilemma, but the bottom line is these mental machinations, no matter how high the platitudes reach, won’t get you or your loved ones the drugs they’ve become dependent upon any cheaper, will they?

Where does that leave you and me, besides screwed?

If we have the means to pay for the cure or the drug that will ease our suffering, great. If we don’t have the means? Too bad because let’s face it, the planet is already over-populated, right?

Recently, I had the very good fortune to consult with a Functional Medicine Doctor in Washington D.C. My new doctor has credentials out the wha-zoo, and in addition to be being a medical doctor he has a doctorate in biochemistry, and genetic studies, something most medical doctors don’t have a separate diploma for.

Functional medicine isn’t a practice of nebulous treatments or some touchy-feely alternative therapy massaging euphemisms into quasi-quantifiable practices which may or may not get results. Functional medicine is based on tangible Science coupled with the specifics of how YOUR body processes necessary elements, not just to survive, but to thrive. When this type of doctor looks under your hood, he or she is literally looking UNDER YOUR HOOD, not with the premise that bodies are “one size fits all” and applying general ranges, but considering your own unique genetics. This is achieved by very specific laboratory tests designed to gain specific information about you not generalities about human beings.

Here’s one very good example of why we need all the help we can get.

Most people, especially Westerners, have very poor gut health as a result of an ever declining diet standard of processed foods, grains and trans fats. MOST westerners are in desperate need of a good quality, certified probiotic. Without repairing and supporting our gut health, our overall health is literally in the toilet! Trust me, I know of what I speak.

Without repairing and supporting our gut health, our overall health is literally in the toilet!

My doctor prescribed for me some digestive enzymes which are happily covered by my insurance, but more importantly he prescribed the best probiotic available, in his opinion. I need this probiotic and it’s considered a medical food, but unfortunately my insurance company doesn’t see it that way so I’m bound to purchase it out of my family’s pocketbook.

First hurdle to jump was to get past justifying the expense of the probiotic. This can be tricky and tied up with being accustomed to feeling bad on many levels, not the least of which might be a deficit in the self worth category.

Next, was doing the homework, searching and comparing, then researching where to fill the prescription from the cheapest distributor possible. You’ve decided to take the plunge, no need to throw away extra money in the process, right?

Enter my shameless (not ashamed) endorsement. In my search I stumbled on a new company that can offer discounts and significant savings on all sorts of pharmaceuticals including this particular probiotic I’ve recently begun, which incidentally requires a doctor’s prescription to obtain.

Warning: Beyond this point begins my voluntary and uncompensated testimonial

The company I want to introduce you to is Blink Health. I discovered them quite by accident in my research for money saving options. We’ve tried them out and everything went smoothly, as promised. We saved about 20% on the prescribed probiotic. They seem to be the real deal and I recommend you have a look at their website without reservation.

Most of us, regardless of our means, are going to need help to discover options which might mean the difference between getting an important prescription filled or doing without it.

They gave me a invitation coupon code to share with friends and family for $15 off the first time you use Blink Health: AENSPG. When you join there’s an optional space to enter the invitation code above. You’ll get the $15 discount and so will I, but it’s optional.

They will give you one to share with your friends and family too, once you register and use Blink the first time. The thing is, if you use my code you’ll help me and if you pass it along to your friends and family that will help them and so on. This really seems like a genuine pay it forward opportunity. And it will help a company establish itself as a solid resource for keeping our personal health costs down a little lower than they’d otherwise be.

Be well!

S Lynn Knight, 2017
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