The Weekly Knob

Prompting Writers To Write Since 2016

As one of the editors of The Weekly Knob I’m pretty proud of our contributing writers and the publication Aura Wilming and I have created and maintain weekly. However, this doesn’t mean I can’t be objective in deciding it belongs in the Go Fish pond of Keepers.

If I were a writer or a reader just coming to Medium or even if I’d been around for awhile, I’d be thrilled to happen upon this little compendium of short, well written stories populated by some of the most talented fiction writers on Medium.

The Weekly Knob is clear and focused in its mission and we think it does a few things really well.

  1. TWK brings readers and writers together with a fresh edition of stories every single week and The Weekly Knob is the only publication to refresh its entire homepage every week.
  2. TWK focuses on prompting writers to create unique stories, while honing their skills of descriptive language, plot and character development, and storytelling techniques.
  3. TWK provides a place to regularly showcase writer’s stories and has become a source of quality stories for the public both on Medium and the wide world web.

Check out the 44th edition of TheWeekly Knob published a few weeks ago prompted by “Dumbbell”.

If you’d like to play along and challenge your creative writing skills The Weekly Knob puts up a new prompt every Monday. Here’s how to submit your story!