This Wildflower is a tad chuffed. You all rock. Keep rocking x
Well, I’m not saying I got tears(maybe, might have, just a tad) happy one’s.
Wild Flower

This goes double for me Wildflower! I would have responded last night but I was just too emotional *tears*. Hand on heart, grateful down to my bones! In a world of desperation and need, I believe we must do what we can do where we can do it with the gifts we’ve been given. Our contribution may be small or large in any given moment but it is ours to give and only we can give it. I feel I am light and I’m also darkness and everyday I must do what I can, where I can to feed the light within. Some days I win, some days I lose but I know I’m never as strong as when I stand with the likes of you. ❤

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