Open up two browser windows to Medium. In one window click on “Write a New Story.” You can title your new story something like, “All My Sixties Stories.” You can add a sub-title something like “Follow my Sixties stories in order,” or whatever you want. And you can add a photo.
Here is one idea:
White Feather

This is perfect White Feather I begin my round ups with two browser windows copying and pasting from the url line.

Oh, and I see as I get to the bottom you’ve made an apt suggestions for TWK. I have been doing this through experimenting with navigation tags in the settings. Each week that passes I go back and tag the stories from the previous week “past editions”- the stories also have a tag with the prompt, as well. But I have wondered about the need for further organization. I suppose it goes to the overall user experience which I want to be the best possible. I’m not sure which way will be more or less time consuming going forward. We’ll have to see. I am so pleased with the writers and stories coming to the fore and I hope you’re enjoying it too and are considering contributing again soon! Thank you for thinking of us! :-) S Lynn

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