You’re Invited!

Happy Hump Day! We’re half way through the first week of The Weekly Knob and we’ve 3 great story submissions in response to our first prompt: ashtray.

We’ll cut off submission on Friday at midnight and all the stories written in response to the ashtray prompt will be released on Saturday!

Of course, I’ve gotten a sneak peak of the submissions, so far, and I believe you’ll find them engaging, ingenious and diverse stories!

I have populated my feed with some “rocks in your pockets, obsessively dedicated writers” and I hope some of you will find the time to contribute as well as those wonderful, yet to be discovered writers who’d like join in.

In addition, I’ve released a wonderful contribution by White Feather in response to the inadvertent prompt, “door knob” which had become the reason for beginning The Weekly Knob. We are super excited his wonderful story “The Doorknob Bromance” will live here with us.

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