Blushing. Thank you!!!!
Sean Howard

You’re welcome Sean. I fancy myself fairly intuitive with a camera, but that’s not to qualify my compliment to you in anyway. I want to add that I recognized something more in this image. Something of you, the photographer. You did too, I suspect or you would not share it. What I’ve seen of your work and writing tells me you set very high standards for yourself. Here I speak for myself, I can only say my perfectionism has screwed with my judgement more than it has ever helped me, Sean. I have smoothed and rounded corners and edges and robbed raw expression of its rightful place in the world. This is just me. I’m learning or trying to learn to let up on the reins a bit and see what happens… trust the gift, the moment, the muse. This is what I saw you doing in this exquisite portrait. I read an article once about portrait photographers and I can’t tell you who wrote it or where I read it, but what stuck with me was the merging of the photographer and the subject and the trust which must take place for the image to beautifully reflect the many facets of one human being. All this to say, you really did nail it to the floor!

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