Writing a Blog Engine in Phoenix and Elixir: Part 1
Brandon Richey

Thank you for these posts. I am just following them now.

Couple of comments.

In cutting and pasting everything exactly as you have it, I do get two errors when running the LayoutViewTest. I’ll troubleshoot later in case I did something wrong at some point.

But, when it comes to the sign_in part, I have a question.

If I am at the login page, enter nothing and submit, I get an error, as I’d expect, in that it can not find a nil entry, meaning it’s not hitting your guard sign_in below as it appears to fail before then. Have you seen that?

Also, if you enter a user but no password, you get a type mismatch error saying the digest needs to be a string. I’m not worried about them as I’m learning the basics, but thought I’d mention.