• Christina Vadivelu

    Christina Vadivelu

    On a path to impact billions. Yeah, billions.

  • Vesa Barileva

    Vesa Barileva

    A high school student who has interests in STEM 🧪, social and environmental justice 🌎, journalism ✍🏻, and business. “Be curious, not judgmental.”

  • Will Bunker

    Will Bunker

    Partner at LightJump Capital. We help companies go public using SPACs. Love learning and helping entrepreneurs. Founded what became Match.com.

  • Djegnene Penyel

    Djegnene Penyel

  • Unidem


    Working to provide the world with secure control and autonomy over their identities through blockchain and personalized biometric linked vaults

  • Ana Sofia sh

    Ana Sofia sh

    16. Spreading science and thoughts in an easy yet insightful way. Español: @sofiashmx

  • William Law

    William Law

    18 y/o | Currently reading on infra/devops | Twitter @wlaw_

  • Ariya Gupta

    Ariya Gupta

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