If we look back at human evolution and skill-building, there’s one thing that’s made us evolve, build new skills, and create new habits extremely quickly, and that’s the fear of being killed.

Because of all of the threats, we could never stay complacent, because if we did, we would have died.

In the 21st century, this is no longer the case. This is because we no longer need to fear being killed, and because of that, the human race has become complacent. Complacent with the way that things are. While we dominate the world, and animals bend to our will.

Every company that has dominated a market has continued to iterate, and because of that desire to avoid complacency, they’ve become monopolies in their sectors.

Just look at google, it’s no longer just a search engine, it’s a verb. It’s in so many different sectors at the forefront of up and coming technologies. …


Hailey Vallabh

I’m 16 year old high school student who’s learning more and more about emerging technology. I write about tech, philosophy, social sciences and personal growth.

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