Hi Hailley,
David Lemus

Happy Saturday, David Lemus!

That is so inspiring! I really did something so similar when I graduated University; I just knew remote work was for me. So I’m over here cheering for you!!

To start, I went the freelancing route. Because I needed income and the places I’d received job offers from weren’t into the remote work idea.

I tried to build out my portfolio as much as possible, by getting great clients, doing high-quality work for them and being as specialized as possible so that people thought of me when they thought of communications for startups. I think being specialized was super key for me because it helped differentiate me from anyone else doing social media and PR (which is quite popular) on a more broad scale.

I’d wanted to work at Buffer since I found out about them in 2012, so Buffer was the dream. I applied to a few jobs that weren’t quite the right fit for my experience (I just loved Buffer so applied anyways, heh) but in the meantime I kept getting more specialized in my field and working with bigger startups.

For Buffer, everything fell into place when they put a job listing out for a Press Crafter, which is exactly what I’d be focused on in my career. :) I was all smiles when I saw that posting on the Journey page. I applied and am so grateful that this time it was a good fit!

The funny thing is, I’m definitely not the only one who applied multiple times to a role at Buffer! I’ve chatted with several other teammates who had the same experience. So I think that even though the first two roles I applied for weren’t a good fit, not losing my interest and continuing to dive deep into what I’m good at helped in the long run.

Hope that’s helpful! Would LOVE to be kept in the loop on how your travel and remote work lifestyle goes!! :D