Millennials Like to Snack: Making the Music Biz Bite-Sized
Cortney Harding

“encapsulating an entire generation’s taste in food and culture — millennials like to snack” Snacking is in no way a bad thing. It is actually to snack throughout the day (healthy) than to to eat 3 ain meals per day (healthy). It is weird, but nearly every single child or toddler or middleschool deviant would prefer snacking on food throughout the day rather than sit and eat 3 full meals at designated points in the day.

Think about it, ever since my son was born, he was a grazer. When he was hungry he would eat, when he wasn’t he wouldn’t. That is classic snacking, there is no timetable to his nor my eating habits. Eat when your hungry, but don’t overeat, and try to eat healthy when you can. That is all people need to know when trying to eat right. Eat when your hungry, but if you are hungry all the time, set limits to what is avaialable to you. Is it dangerous to snack on a pound of carrots and bellpeppers while listening to Zeppelin? Nope. Can we snack on clips of new music we don’t want to go out and buy an entire album for, but hear a song or two by a new band we would have never been introduced to unless it was for internet radio, sure. Can we as a collective consciousness eradicate mainsteam hiphop for the love of musical quality? No, but that is an intention to bring back quality back into music. Fuck, I’m going to have to write an entire book on what is music and what is propaganda fluff money making ghost sperm.

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