Sorry, I flat out don’t believe you.
Tom Ritchford

I am not saying that every single girl or boy kidnapped and put into forced prostitution are transferred all across the globe to hide them, not by any means. What I was attempting to point out is that it is a global network of different “businesses” that commit these crimes. If a girl or boy is kidnapped in LA, what are the odds that that person remains in LA performing forced prostitution? I’d say the odds are minimal. Here is a quote from Soroptimist, a volunteer organization for womens empowerment,

“Trafficking victims often pass among multiple traffickers, moving further and further from their home countries. Women often travel through multiple countries before ending at their final destination. For example, a woman from the Ukraine may be sold to a human trafficker in Turkey, who then passes her on to a trafficker in Thailand. Along the way she becomes confused and disoriented.” So why would the United States be any different than any other Nation? A ring leader in the U.S. may not even live in the U.S. and may just run a proxy gang from whatever country and then transport them around. It makes much more sense if you are trying to not get caught. Keeping a kidnapped person in the same area they wen’t missing is an easy way for that person to be discovered by someone that recognizes them.

Is there an accurate statistic I could post to say which number of people are taken from the U.S. and put into another country? Not that I can find. It’s hard to get a criminal organization to publish their tax returns and sex slaves and their whereabouts.

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