Stores Are Using Music to Make You Spend More
Erik Devaney

I wish there was a study done around the holidays in a supermega discount warehouse where they only played fast tempo heavy metal. I guess that would cause some sort of chaos that only the Hells Angels could match in aggression, so maybe a different tactic could be used. Every shopper gets to use headphones while they shop so 1/3 are listening to metal, 1/3 are listening to classical music, and 1/3 is listening to an audiobook. My hypothesis is that 1/3 will be headbobbing and flying through the store on their carts like the tile floors were on fire, 1/3 would be in the housewares section asleep in an armchair, and 1/3 would lose concentration as to what the hell they were doing shopping as some voice was telling them a story about The best of times and the worst of times of some European city a long time ago.

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