How to Talk to Your Kids About Donald Trump
Kimberly Harrington

Is Donald Trump a shit candidtate? I don’t know, he is not the person I would want to be POTUS, but besides Bernie would I vote fore, yet I could see him excentuating Obamas policies, which are fucking people over right now as long as we remain capitalistic. the government can’t pass socialistic reforms and remain capitalistic. It defeats the purpose. And that purpose is to rif the middle class, to break it down, and that is what is happening under a democratic capitalist. Things need to change.

Obama was the diplomat of hope and yet, he has done nothing right for the country, and I can’t even name one promise that he has upheld frrom his electoral candidacy “preaching ground.” He wanted to end war, yet he still funds ISIS, which is a fact, they use U.S. military armaments. How would they get those? Oh because they took over the Iraqi army which was funded by the U.S. and now they are funded by the U.S.

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