Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

Isn’t it strange how people don’t know what the fuck they want when the world is so much full of shit they can’t handle bags of it on their shoulders a day? Netflix basically uses an algorithim to decide what they will like by what they have watched and at which point they stopped watching and what they watch after that etc. So they just take the most popular movies or TV series and then shove all the dicks together to make a giant one and all of bisexual charachters together to make another, and either base it off a era of factual time, or just place it in a fictional realistic world. Wow that was complicated. And yet nothing Netflix has produced made me want to get NetFlix just to watch that show when torrenting exists.

There are also many great shows on cable that Netflix wishes they had as originals. Basically anything on AMC or FX or even Mr. Robot on USA which is better than any series on Netflix.

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