Dear Humanity
Vicki Fletcher

It pains me great to say that unless there is a loud voice of our generation, one that is recognized by all groups of religion, sects, ethnicity’s, concerning the futiure of humankind and the Earth’s health as seen and respected as it is a single organism, there will never be any change. People have too much power to let it go, even though it is not truly power, it is invisible-made up- worshiped power. These are the people that could actually do anything with their power, yet the world is so populated and the coorporations don;t want to change their business model in order to change their practices for less profit. It’s a sad state of affairs and it is clear as day to me anymore.

Think of the richest 1,000 people in the world, what they do, what they own, their power. Would you want these people running the country that is already shit? No, because they helped drive the world to shit, they are the reason it is malfunctioning. The coorporations that put profits ahead of people, and don;t even consider the Earth as a person,She is raped for all she has given and not given anything back to replenish her, it is actual rape. If we people considered the Earth as a living organism, then all these oil sucking, deforestation, etc companies would be considered rapists, because they are just taking and taking and making money off of something that is there for them to take advantage of, yet it should be respected and monitored and taken care of.

I am not religious, but I take a lot away from mythos and stories passed along generations across the globe. their is something behind the stories and the myths that we do not grasp. Even those that believe in them wholeheartedly as truth. Once we deplete and rape the land to such an extent, the organism We Call Earth will reset and rid the existence of all of us. It only makes sense if you consider the Earth as a knowing being in itself. We are a virus burning, purging, plumbing her depths for a viscous fluid until it’s bled dry. It is evil and people will pay, the fact is, Our Lady Earth does not care who she rids from her, not wealthy or poor, we are all the same parasite.