The Case For Kawhi Leonard As NBA MVP
Ben Dowsett

Kawhi also makes 5 mil more per year. Would you rather have Steph + Patty Mills or a Harrison Barns, or just a Kawhi? Now there are players getting paid 5 million or less per year (Andre Drummond) that I could have put there, but I am just putting it into context the importance of those two players from two seperate teams. I mean I could easily say Steph + T. Duncan = Leonard…? By pay, for this year, that basically equals out. Would you rather have two HOF’s or Leonard? Is Kawhi great? Sure, but not on scale as Steph on any level besides defensively.

Steph is the PG, the game runs through him, he controls the court and is the best shooter in the NBA. A Steve Nash mixed with Reggie Miller which creates an unguardable PG in todays game. Oh ya, Steph will surpass Reggie in just a few years in 3's made (from a longer distance), and is a better free throw shooter.

The Spurs are a great team, but Kawhi is not their best player. Their best player is their team, which is how it always has been under Pop. Put Kawhi on another playoff bound team he may have a chance (Hawks, Celtics, Pistons, Mavericks, or Grizzlies) but on any other team, he wouldn’t be the best player. He’s an all around hard working player with little flare and doesn’t put up gawdy numbers — -Spurs player. I have said for years if I were going to build a team for the long run, I would draft Tim Duncan because he is a playoff whore, with that being said, Kawhi does not fit into that mold. After Duncan and Parker and Pop are gone…no chance. Kawhi cannot carry a team on his back with his scoring. He is more like a Pippen, and that is giving him major props.

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