Great of you to sum them up and the lobby money they’ve received!
Marin Licina

Murder rates are driven by cultural background and not the weapon used. Look at any war, then point it at yourself. Who is culturally or ethnically different than you? Those are the people most likely to go to war with and yet that is OK, as long as it is “ A War” not just shooting people, like it is during a war, just shooting people on innocent streets, like a warzone.

You do know that it was illegal for a German Jew to own a gun, large knife, or truncheon as of 1939 Germany right? Would it have made a difference? I don’t know. But I can bet the Gestapo/Police would have been fought in return for other Jews murdered in streets and hauled away like swine. We are talking about 6 million or so people that dies because they had no way to defend themself against their own government. And you are for disarming citizens and allowing the government to carry guns, control tanks, rockets, missiles, SWAT teams, etc?

There should be no reason for police to carry guns if the population is not allowed to right? And yet I can forsee a beligerant man trying to punch an officer and getting shot by two other officers on guard. Why? Because that will always be the case. There is a reason you are from Europe and dislike guns, because Europe has the strictest gun laws in the world, and is it devoid of violence? No. Is it devoid of guns? No. Can a person with money get an “assault rifle” (which is a fancy propaganda term for a rifle with a magazine that holds many rounds by means of a clip)and what is happening there? Europe doesn’t have a refugee problem do they? No racial tension? But France has strict gun laws and there was a massive shooting spree there wasn’t there? Hmm, learn history before you spew your agenda. I can defend my ideals by not repeating history. I have a few guns and have never killed a liveing creature with them. That is because I was never in danger and was never starving to the point I needed to. That is the difference between murderers and myself.

If a psychopath wanted to murder a bunch of people but wasn’t allowed to use a gun, do you think that person would find a different way? Uhhh, durr, I guess so. Whether it be a poison in some water source, a bomb, driving a car into a crowd of people, arson, flying planes into buildings with only razor blades as force, etc. Guns are just the easiest ways to kill a few, while there are many ways to kill thousands or millions. Tell the next Generals to not use guns when they declare war on defenseless people who throw stones in order to not be murdered.