The Unthinkable Is Happening in Our Own ‘Backyard’
Jenna Elfman

Noone has any rights once they are forcibly taken away, unfortunatley. Anyone can get tied up in anyones basement and be revoked of their rights immediately. So many people dissapear every year for either sex trafficking or other reasons, and yet it just will never be that important to so many people. I don’t want to be that bearer of bad news, but there is nothing you can do to help others already taken, unless you are Liam Neison in a fantasy movie. You can inform others on how to protect themselves, other than that, once you are gone, you are just that, gone.

The network runs too deep and too far across the globe, many organizations are involved. One day you could be in LA and within 2–3 days you’re in India and then Russia. The U.N. knows about it just as much as you do unfortunately. Movies have existed about it for ages. Yet no solution has ever been placed before us. Why? It is unstoppable, like crime, like rape, like money and power. This problem has always existed, since written times, it is now just global and way more intricate. Think about child molestation in Catholicism, has that been stopped yet? Nope, blankets upon blankets. There is no such thing as human rights.

Just reading through rights that we Humans, Universal Humans (lol) are supplied, makes me laugh because not one person I know has been given these rights. Let me be more clear, “We are all born Free” Yet we have a number (SOC) governing our name, “Don’t Discriminate” happens every day even under law “Affirmitive Action” is discrimination, “The Right to life,” Noone was ever given the right to be born so where does this come from, why are people allowed to get away with murder, why are dead people not allowed to become alive again? “No Slavery” What do you think minimum wage is? No minimum wage person working 60 hours a week can make enough money in order to have a savings in case shit goes awry.

I could go on but this is complete fantasy. “Law is equal for everyone” can be proven wrong every single day in America. It is money that equals out punishment. “My human rights are protected by law” Nope, they are not, Once I was born in America I am officially a slave to the Federal Reserve, that is why we all have numbers tied to our names.

I’m not even going to go into the next group of “15 rights” because I am pretty sure I just gave great examples why noone in this world is actually free unless you have enough money to be free of worries or escaped the worlds greed in a way where you actually are free of all taxation and governance.

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