An Open Letter To Stanford University
Remound Wright III

Remound, it feels so great to be done with school, I hear ya, but to say you are free? What does that mean? When I was in school, paying for it, I felt I was free to do what I wanted when wasn’t in school. Even when I was in class I was free to do what I wanted. I could answer my phone, blow a fart, or draw pictures of boobies. I was free to do that, noone stopped me, and if someone asked me to stop, I would say, “I like what I do, but if it bothers you I’ll move….for a price.” I really didn’t charge anyone for what annoyed them, but it made them think twice about what was really free, like your education at a top college.

You worked your ass off I am sure, but you also had no worries about where your next meal was coming from, your rent, how you would make grades without a tutor, I know all about college football players. I was good friends with 4 that are in the NFL right now, I graduated with 3 of them, sat next to 2 of them in calculus class. I was puny next to them, but they got great grades and told me they never studied. What does that mean? I was in their study groups and they sat on their phone the entire time yet got A’s. A farce, it’s laughable, I knew the truth from a 2 minute conversation that these fools were nowhere near a 3.75 GPA, but guess what… nice tutors.