My Shady Life as an Underage Drinker
Nick Tucker

The idea that being able to be murdered overseas in the name of your country within the span of three years (18–21) is legal and yet that same age group can’t consume alcohol? Either alcohol is more dangerous than anti depressants and adderall (which they prescribe to devoloping young minds) or something just isn’t right in this nation we procalim as free.

Know what’s freedom (Probably not)? A government that doesn’t give 1 or even two fat fucks about what you or I injest or inhale into my own body. If I find a sexy ass hallucenigenic fungus growing in the middle of Elfuck and Shroomshit, then I should be able to pick that phallus shaped fungus out of the natural ground and walk around munching on it, right? Nope, possession of an illegal substance, that grows wild. I go to jail for eating a mushroom which caused me to lay on the side of a hiking hill and watch faces and shapes pass by in the clouds. Fuck me for being dangerous to my own mind, for wanting to see some fuckin’ lasers and treat my ears to some beats. Hooray for freedom!

Beer is on sale though, you can buy that shit right now, but don’t drink it in public because you will go straight to jail, drink it behind windows, it is ok then.

I really wish this world would deflate it’s ego inflated head and gently slide it out of it’s own ass. Don’t even mention marijuana. The least dangerous drug on the market, I might have to smoke a joint te ease the oppression. Shit, can’t get one right now, I guess I’ll drink a twelver and punch a few holes in my wall and think about rape. Luckily I blackout and it was all a dream, right?

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