How The Sacramento Kings Are Creating The 21st Century Colosseum
Vivek Ranadivé

Who will give a shit about an endless mediocre team now or in the future? Just because you put money into a technology fortress doesn’t mean that anyone wants to come and personally witness the garbage product on court. I won’t even watch a televised game for free.

Sure you have two of the best players out of 75, but also the most hated cry baby dick bags in the entire NBA playing for the Kings, which is Rondo and Cousins. Two talented players that I wouldn’t pay 5 bucks for their jerseys. They are garbage as competitors. Sacramento has always been garbage. The best player in Sacramento history was either Mitch Richmond or Chris Webber, and they wouldn’t make the top five for any other program. But, hey why not, it is a capitalistic free for all in California, let’s put as much money into the worst team and hire a shit coach and draft selfish athletes and surround them by wannabe washed up vets that believe they deseverve the limelight. Sacramento is part of Los Angeles right? Nope, but the players think so.

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