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Why does it matter the time of day you get up? If I work from home, get all of my creatiivity between 1 and 6 am, because it is in my genes, why should I wake up befor 8am when I need 8 hours of sleep? Does this writer not understand that a lot of people do not work 9–5 slave jobs? Probably not.

Really, read uplifing and meaningfull literature blah blah blah? That means no history or religion, boom, all of those are about murder and hate, no reason to learn about those. Lets just watch Hossiers every morning or Rocky, no need to bog us down with a truth that makes us think about life and our existence. Holocaust? Don’t learn about it because it is bad energy, don’t learn about it, might as well say it never happened, and oh ya, eat your protein and watch your kidneys bleed.

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