Not just the Boy Scouts of America
Sarah Wyman

Thanks for this piece, the Mariners sounds amazing! I’m going to check if we have anything like in in Chicago on the Lake Michigan!

I was excited to hear about Boy Scouts accepting girls. I have a bit of with experienced both scouting organizations ( I was a Boy Scout and my sister was a girl scout) and I always thought it was a shame that Girl Scouts didn’t appear to offer the things that I found in Boy Scouts. Maybe it does, but my sister didn’t think so and I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary. As far as I can tell, reaching Eagle Scout is like being a Navy Seal for kids and I’m excited that my daughter and I can do this together (if she wants to of course).

Anyway, the ire seems misplaced though I understand it. Thanks for your piece it was inspiring and informative.

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