An abridged version of my journey from musician to researcher

When I was younger I was a musician, a guitar player mostly, and I wrote and sang a lot of songs. Most of my friends were also musicians. My bands achieved some success — we released several albums, we had…

Lately, my collaborators and I have been thinking about what it means for a technology to be a trans technology, and how such technologies could be designed. This blog post will summarize two of my recent/forthcoming publications related to these topics:

  1. Oliver L. Haimson, Avery Dame-Griff, Elias Capello, and Zahari…

Toward Decreasing Transgender Mental Health Disparities

This blog post summarizes a research paper that was published in Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA)’s special issue on “Health informatics and health equity: improving our reach and impact” in 2019.

Transgender people (including non-binary people) face substantial mental health disparities, and especially during the transition process…

Promoting inclusive environments by giving colleagues and students agency over disclosure of their personal identities

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The keynote speaker was engaging and inspiring, so when she asked us all to stand up for a privilege-demonstration activity, we stood. “Remain standing,” she said, “if you are viewed as a person of European descent.” I remained standing.

The discomfort that I felt as a white person standing was…

How people use social media sites to separate their identities and networks during times of major life transition

This blog post summarizes a research paper about people’s experiences with life transitions and social media that will be presented at the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing 2018 on November 6.

It’s often difficult to know how to present your identity on social media when you’re…

Oliver Haimson

Assistant Professor @UMSI researching social computing/HCI, social media, online identity, gender/trans, life transitions.

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