5 Reasons You Should Move on to Fintech

Haim Toledano explains that nowadays, technology is making it easier and more convenient to accomplish many different tasks. It was only a matter of time before technology began to impact the financial world and as a result, today we have what is known as Fintech, or financial technology. If you haven’t yet jumped on the Fintech bandwagon, here are 5 reasons you should hop on and embrace Fintech:

1. Convenience — Fintech makes the completion of some types of financial transactions more convenient eg. ATMs

2. Speed — Fintech allows money to be transferred between parties in little time

3. Global Access — Fintech opens up financial markets to give users access to global markets eg. Online CFD access, P2P lending etc

4. Ease — Fintech makes it easy to complete financial tasks such as transferring money

5. Better Wealth Management eg. Virtual wallets

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