Smart Homes

Imagine if your fridge not only kept your food fresh but also knew the expiration dates of everything in it? Or, if you no longer had to manually control your thermostat because motion sensors installed in your home automatically kicked on the heat the moment anyone enters? No, it’s not science fiction, it’s the “Smart Home” fad.

Since their debut a few years ago, smart home technologies are becoming more popular every day. With mundane household tasks controlled internally, you have more time to focus on what really matters. Even installing simple devices such as Amazon’s Echo, which is powered by Bluetooth, can allow you to become more hands-free in your home. The Echo is also capable of working with a number of other smart devices that will raise your home’s theoretical IQ.

Devices such as LG’s smart oven and smart fridge work together to make meal prep as easy as possible. When you load your groceries into your fridge, simply input the details of each food and your fridge will alert you when things will expire. Not only that, but the fridge connects with an application that uses the ingredients in your fridge to give you recipe suggestions. Once you select a recipe, it can even tell the oven to start preheating.

These are just a few examples of how smarter technology can change the way we live, forever. No more forgetting to close the garage door or forgetting to turn the heat off. From appliances that communicate with each other, to security systems you can control with the push of a button or simple voice command, “Smart Homes” are quickly becoming the new housing trend of the future.

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