Neuroplasticity is real — that is, the brain really can change and learn and improve based on experience. So what should we be doing to train our brain? Is technology the downfall or savior of our brain?

The Reading Brain

A neuroscientist explains what tech does to the reading brain

Spoiler: we need to read as a bridge back to yourself, and these bridges are necessary

The UCLA neuroscientist, a great lover of literature, Maryanne Wolf is horrified at what has happened to our ability to concentrate. The ways we process written language have changed dramatically. Our ability to read deeply has been impacted as we have become, inevitably, increasingly dependent on screens…

It’s the very first story of our weekly digest

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“Neo Mint” will be the colour of 2020

Merriam-Webster defines charisma as ‘a special magnetic charm or appeal’. That powerful attraction is what we strive to create for our clients here at HA — interactive brand studio. But first and foremost, we are a web development and design agency. We understand how important having a quality website can be in gaining foothold in the digital world.

A while ago, we decided to create a profile on Clutch, an independent reviews site based in DC that conducts research on B2B companies around the world. …

Our site was acknowledged as the best in the world by one of the most prestigious international platforms — CSS Design Awards!

Apart from getting the main award we’ve scooped a set of extras: best UX design, best UI design and best Innovation.

Выбор подходящей системы управления — первый шаг к успешному запуску сайта. Правильно выбранная платформа масштабируется под задачи бизнеса, минимизирует время на обновление информации, дает свободу выбора подрядчиков.

Платформа помогает бизнесу если:

🗽 Не ограничивает возможности

🏪 Масштабируется вслед за бизнесом

😀 Упрощает управление сайтом

🕵️ Защищает от взлома

⏱️ Загружает сайт быстро

🎢 Приводит органический трафик

Для начала, давайте разберемся с понятиями.

Фреймворк (Content Management Framework, CMF) — это программная платформа, представленная набором библиотек. Библиотека — набор готовых решений типовых задач.

На основе фреймворков создаются системы управления содержимым (CMS) и отдельные веб-приложения.

Система управления контентом (Content Management System или CMS)…


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