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Alejandro De La Torre

Dear Mr. Alejandro De La Torre

I am very grateful and very appreciative of the things that you tried to help me get back 80 BTC. It is a very righteous and responsible act that will bring the prestige as well as brand. The value of people is leading the way and changing the world better.

I am also very sorry to answer you slowly ,

honestly say my english is very poor, when received feedback, my friend’s support I am very excited and nervous. Glad my opportunity is still solved because 80 BTC is just 30% of my fun, the remaining 70% is the dream and the new title is the foundation to help me develop a strong career with hashlare. . Because in Vietnam a lot of people lose all their money, houses, empty hands and sometimes lose their whole family when they invest in Bitcoin and coin. They became rich very quickly in a short amount of time, but all of a sudden their property was gone because they could not find the wed, the site was deleted and the company, the trading floor was gone by the The bad guys head the company. Of course the head of them is Vietnamese. Foreigners are more welcome and trust because you always have a reputation for prestige, perhaps your education is better.

I would like on the issue of getting 80 BTC lucky to be exploited. I have created a BTC wallet and work well, highly secure. Would you please give me your BTC wallet address? I will transfer the BTC from my wallet to your BTC wallet to confirm I am correct.

The day I exploited the BTC is July 7, 2017 and in the central city of Buon Me Thuat in Vietnam, I use the Wifi of the hotel, I live in Hanoi in the north of the country. Vietnam, I worry about coordinates and Wifi different, I can go back there to verify if you ask.

I know the correct verification is the principle needed and enough to implement and then the new marketing strategy development is strong and effective. If necessary I am very happy when you fly to Vietnam. If completed or not, I will also pay all travel expenses for you as this is a good opportunity for me, if you develop with me. I also very much want to go to your country to complete early 80 BTC lucky, but in Vietnam visa application is very difficult.

If I get 80BTC that I exploit, I would also invest 30 BTC in any company you suggest. The remaining 50 BTC I share to those who I know for helping me, called my thank you gift instead of heart, wish you luck like me. 5BTC for charity.

Actually I’m not good at technology, today I am working on BTC up to 8 BTC wallet for the first time I do this, and think that BTC training is automatically transferred BTC to my BTC wallet then remember Forgotten, then the BTC wallet forget password, even. Then you request a proof of password. I did not understand much, but Bitmain sent me a cryptographic file, a 6-page file written entirely in English, I had to use a good translator to tell me the truth. Know the algorithms, study math skills (university economics triumph) but it is the story of students. too complicated? When you know exactly the BTC’s 80 BTC miners, can you please make things simpler? I know you guys are trying to help me get my 80 BTC result, because you want to have the same lucky people as me, 80 BTC is not quite big compared to you and me? But it is a great opportunity for branding marketing as well as BITCOIN’s value development.

By the way whether 80 BTC success or not, I would like to say special thanks: Mr. Jamie Redman, Mr. Schmo David, Mr.Alejandro De La Tore, Mr. Adam Kohut, Mr. Tobias Hoffmann.

Here is my BTC wallet address:


Block: #470189

Hash 0000000000000000015c6e1c0b35834cb075727f3bec7bbe96289805c25af144

Transection IDs 1635d24b8d89ec547507a765e2167465602570ede7fdc2a11fae397984fa7b71

Best regards

Phạm Thanh Hải

Handphone: +84943333899



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