How To Choose Between Hair Wigs, Extensions, And Weaves?

Women love their hair far too much more than what they show. You always find them fiddling with them or fondling their hairs. However, these lovely locks come at a high price which is of both kindness and kind.

So how does one choose between hair wigs, weaves and hair extensions?

It first and foremost depends on what you are using the wig for. If it is for long-term medical purpose where the hair wig is more of a protective coating than a fashion use. If your work gets done with extensions than you need not even go for the full wig package. Purpose of usage matters while buying human hair wigs.

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1) Human hair wigs cover the entire scalp while the extensions cover only a part of the head, at times the extensions are just used to give length to the hair.

2) Hair wigs are coveralls for your head. You need a new look and you get it, purchase the right wig in your shape and desired shade and you are good to go.

A hairpiece, on the other hand, works on your natural hair. You add these extensions to your hair and use them. Colourful strips or long hairs, you attach them to your hair.

3) Expensive wigs might burn a small hole in your pocket but these fineries go undetected on your head. Same goes with extensions too. Wigs brands that provide high-quality wigs are to be preferred because they provide better sectioning and ease of usage right over here.

4) Hair extensions — the clip on ones are easy to style as you like them. Just a small patch to work with.

5) Extensions add to the overall experience of your hair. If you feel that hair wigs are something too much to experiment with but still want to change your look without compromising on your real hair then extensions are the answer to all your woes.

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6) The thing with extensions is this that your on the spot styling is restricted. You can part your hair only where there aren’t any clips attached or you might disturb the setting. With wigs, it is the whole thing and so you can just flip and flap your hair around.

7) Wigs have longer lifespans as compared to extensions to a certain level. You remove the wigs at night so there’s less friction and longer usage span in their case.

8) Wigs are easy to put on than clipping on the extensions. Keep it in mind that wigs come with usage specifications too; their setup can get tacky if not settled properly. Practice is the key on this one.

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9) Both of them require maintenance. However, wigs need more because, the more the hair, the more strands you need to look after. Extensions need to be maintained too otherwise they won’t set well with your natural hair.

And, with all these loopholes in your hand, you are good to go. Now whether hair wigs, extensions or weaves — it’s all your choice.

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