Sonam Kapoor Braided up-do

This specific up-do was done with a combination of Dutch braids and fishtail braids. If you’re just learning to braid you can do large plaits which will have a similar effect.

I parted my hair in a side part then sectioned the rest of the hair into 6 sections — *note: Although I’ve done 6 sections in my hair, this style can definitely be done in 3 sections just make sure you’re sectioning off the top and bottom layer.

First, section your hair into two diagonal sections going from the middle of your ear lobe all the way across to the middle of your other lobe — the top section should be much heavier than the section at the nape of the neck. Next, clip away the top section and braid the hair at the nape of the neck horizontally across, (if you find this challenging, plait this section then pin this section onto itself horizontally to create the same effect).

Now, you can start on the top sections. On the heaviest side of the side part, split the hair in half going down vertically until you reach the top of the ears. Repeat the same step on the other side of the head and section off with sectioning clips. Then, clip away the middle section of the hair into its own section. Once you have these sections in place you can start braiding .

I braided all of the braid going vertically down the head except the very last section at the nape of the neck . That braid was done horizontally so that I can pin the rest of the braids to that section .

Once all the braids were done, I used my finger along with some salt spray to pull the braids apart and create a lot more texture. Then, I crisscrossed the braids in the front towards the nape of the neck and pinned them on top of the last braid at the nape of the neck but hiding the ends away.

You can watch the full tutorial on this style here…

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