Natural Hair Straightening and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Services in Atlanta, GA

Nina Ross is a passionate Black hair stylist Atlanta with 20+ years of extensive experience creating remarkable hair styles, satisfying clients and making them feel good about themselves. Nina Ross — the best hair stylist in Atlanta is comfortable working with all types of hair.


The Microlink Hair Extensions method uses microscopic rings and attaches the extensions to pieces of your hair. This method of installation is very versatile and allows for the hair to move freely for a more natural look than other types of installations.

Your hair covers the beads so they are totally undetectable. No chemicals or heat are used in the process or the removal. Microlinks Hair Extensions should be maintained every 2 months and changed every 4 months.

Hair Straightening Atlanta

Do you want to make it special for the one you love by giving yourself a makeover? Do you want to surprise him? Well, do you know that by paying just a bit of attention to your hair can change your overall look? Natural hair straightening Atlanta looks good and they are hot in fashion these days and not to forget they look trendier as compare to any other hair style.

The best options for women with thin and short hair they may use lower setting, which will cause the least amount of stress or damage to the curls. Sometimes, women with thick, long hair it is smartest to use a higher temperature setting, but using organic relaxer treatment hair straightened with adjustable temperature offers each user an option. Hair by Nina Ross is only Organic hair salon in Atlanta who care about your precious time.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Atlanta

Are you ashamed from balding? Hair by Nina Ross has great news for you Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Atlanta system that is designed to cover up the bald spots where 100% natural human hair is used as hair replacement systems but this very different from the traditional wigs. Popular method for hair restoration used today is hair replacement surgery which is very expensive where each hair implant is priced.

Non-surgical hair replacement systems are designed to give you covering on your head that is composed of natural or artificial hair bonded into a base material. Hair by Nina Ross has lots of options for this management method and thus you can see a significant difference in cost of hair replacement for women in Atlanta.

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