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Feb 24, 2017 · 9 min read

Straight razors are available in a variety of styles, grinds as well as tempers, and therefore could be a daunting possibility for somebody looking to purchase their first straight razor. The issue usually asked is, where would you start?

This information will help guide you in the direction of making that first, difficult step.

Now that you’ve got chosen to purchase a straight razor, you should know that the straight razor is actually a simple shaving device. In contrast to its safety as well as modern multi-bladed alternatives, a straight razor includes a single cutting edge that may hold an amazing sharpness whenever honed effectively.

The handle part of a straight razor, known as the “scales”, usually includes two separate bits of celluloid, horn, bone fragments, wood, mother of gem or stainless-steel. Exotic woods as well as materials are occasionally used whenever a straight razors present scales become damaged, or even the owner desires to replace them.

The scales are often held along with brass pins as well as washers, such as on the shoulder/tang of the blade that allows the razor to pivot into the open as well as closed positions. Most straight razors feature 2 pins, although some are available with 3. In most cases, 3 pins are utilized to provide better strength to bigger and heavier razors.

Straight razors don’t have a securing function included in them, and therefore are able to open and shut with gentle pressure while using the thumb. Great care should be taken when you initially take hold of your own razor and open and shut it the very first time, it doesn’t matter how sharp the blade is. It’s advised that you simply do this while seated, utilizing a table or desk engrossed in a towel to manage it’s action to be able to take notice of the correct use of the razor without dropping it or even cutting yourself.

There’s two types of metal utilized in the making of the razor, carbon steel as well as stainless steel. Carbon steel is easily the most widely used kind of steel used because of its having much softer properties compared to stainless and therefore requires a shorter period to make a keen edge on it throughout the sharpening process.

Although this might seem off-putting initially having softer steel inside your razor, the benefits far outweigh the use of stainless steel. The reason behind this really is that stainless steel is a lot harder material and needs much better effort to hone it.

Stainless steel can also be quicker to keep clean and it is resistant against rust, something which it’s carbon brother is prone to.

Regardless of which kind of razor you wind up buying, honing as well as maintenance will be a constant area of the ownership of the straight razor that is used every day, which is always helpful to use a thin coat of mineral oil following every shave to safeguard the blade as well as inhibit rust.

The razor blade edge is surfacing on the leading edge back up to the very best edge of the razor in which the material from the blade reaches its thickest point. This is known as the grind.

When razors are made they’re manufactured in a number of different grinds based on purpose, although generally it is believed that the very best overall carrying out the type of grind would be the “hollow grind”. In the past, manufacturing was really done by hand, though afterwards newer technologies noticed the grinding procedure move across to bulk manufactured methods.

The hollow ground is among the most typical grinds, however, is not the only kind of grind you will find while looking to purchase a new straight razor. Razors can be found in quarter ground, half ground as well as full wedge.

Hollow ground blades would be the thinnest grind available and also the full wedge may be the thickest. The most obvious distinction would be that the full wedge has got the most metals in the construction and therefore is chosen over cut thicker beards.

The negative effects to full wedge ground razors is they provide less feedback towards the shaver and could be harder to learn with. It is strongly recommended that the first straight razor needs to be a complete hollow ground, razor because they are simpler to maintain and discover with.

As well as the grind from the blade, you have the “height” from the blade, known as the straight razors size. The biggest manufactured size a straight razor is 8/8 inch and decrements right down to 3/8 at its smallest size.

Bigger sizes, like grinds, are favored for cutting heavier beards, where 3/8 sizes are compatible with trimming mustaches. How big the razor naturally pertains to just how much it will weigh, and also this can affect the total amount of it within your hand. To begin with, a 5/8 or 6/8 blade for most people is a perfect size.

Whether or not you’ve chosen to buy your first straight razor second hand, or completely new from an on-line store, you’ll almost certainly need to hone the blade just before use. This could seem particularly daunting because you will also have the job of finding out how to shave too.

It is strongly advised that whenever buying the first straight razor that you simply consider how to obtain the razor properly sharp for shaving with. One choice is to buy, whether pasted strop or perhaps a suitable hone to improve your razor with, and discover how to do that yourself at the risk of damaging your rather via a lack of skill.

Sharpening, like straight razor shaving along with other areas of the straight shaving procedure, are methods that make time to learn. Keep in mind hones as well as pasted strops can be very expensive, a lot of very first time straight users wind up looking for anyone to hone their razor for the kids prior to its very first use.

Most high quality on-line straight razor professional stores will offer you the choice to hone your straight razor for you personally prior to it being shipped out. This really is highly desirable and costs relatively little from the expense of purchasing your personal honing equipment.

Remembering my first straight razor buy, I found that purchasing a pre-honed razor was a great choice and took out the issues over having a razor which was sharper sufficient to shave with straight as they are, and throughout my own use of the razor, I haven’t as yet, needed my first razor re-honed following almost 9 months worth of utilize.

Instead, I selected to buy a pasted 4-sided paddle strop a couple of months after purchasing my first straight razor, as well as re-sharpen it myself. This turned out to be good at keeping a keen advantage on the razor, and deferred the fee for buying sharpening products which I made a decision to purchase afterwards once I had chosen to keep regular straight razor shaving.

Now you are aware of the basics of the way to go about having your razor sharp enough, there’s another step you need to take prior to every single shave that you’ve with your razor, it is known as stropping.

A strop is only a leather “strap” which comes in a number of shapes, sizes as well as qualities of leather. The very best kind of strop to buy initially is really a double-sided hanging strop having a leather facing somewhere and canvas alternatively. Some strops have various grades of leather for both sides though this indicates that you’d need to purchase a separate canvas strop. It’s your choice.

Just before shaving you have to strop your straight razor around the canvas face first for several “laps”.

Just one lap includes two strokes, one away, and something back. Just how much you will have to strop your razor just before use varies, though generally most people will work 20 to 30 laps around the canvas side, accompanied by another Twenty to thirty laps on the leather side. Stropping your straight razor around the leather side the ultimate step before shaving by using it.

The canvas side of the strop is rather coarse and is made to remove any kind of residue that’s been left out following the last shave, as well as “polish” the edge associated with the razor. The leather side of the face is nearly sheer in comparison to the canvas side, as well as prepared the blade correctly before shaving.

Stropping the razor is completely vital and can’t be omitted through the preparation. Don’t be lured to make use of an old leather belt or even home-made strop for this function because you will invariably wind up damaging the advantage of your straight razor as well as in the worst of all you’ll have to throw your razor away. Something you wish to avoid.

A strop is better hung from the metal hook that you’ll want to set up somewhere in your house, preferably within the bathroom and not too near to water splashes because you will want to don’t get your strop wet.

For this function, a marine-quality stainless hook is good, though not required, and you’ll even attach your own strop to some door handle or perhaps a attach a coat-hanger to some water pipe for the similar purpose, though this isn’t recommended as you would like to keep your strop taut as well as without horizontal motion.

Such as straight razor shaving, stropping is discovered through expertise and needs time to work for great. Do not rush your own stropping technique or perhaps be too heavily affected by videos of straight razor consumers performing 30 laps in some seconds. Discover the speed you’re confident with, stick to it, and avoid rushing the procedure.

Ultimately, despite stropping your own straight razor regularly, it’ll need re-honing on your own or perhaps an expert. The price of re-honing varies which is not particularly costly. You will be aware whenever your razor isn’t sharp enough because it will begin to snag on your own beard more regularly and cause more discomfort for your skin. Once this begins to happen, as well as your strop is no longer able to maintain the razor sharp sufficient to shave with, it’s time to take into consideration re-honing.

You need to only have to consider re-honing a straight razor a couple of times a year and looking out for help on specific straight razor shaving sites will place you in the best direction.

Keep in mind that whenever your straight razor begins to snag on your own beard, the probability of getting a nick or even cut is greatly elevated, so be familiar with how sharp your blade is every time you shave by using it. You will get this observational skill automatically while you learn how to shave over time and it is all part of the pleasant art of straight shaving.

Buying the first straight razor, don’t have to be a costly exercise. Numerous usable straight razors can be found on eBay or even through shaving forum, classified listings for as low as £15 ($20), and can be around several hundred. The price doesn’t reflect how good it will shave, so do not be tempted to spend a lot of money on your very first straight razor. Also, be conscious that auction bought razors are often sold “as-is”, and aren’t sharp enough to cut with.

You might be tempted through the scale design, blade detailing, or even the aesthetics of the specific straight razor, which is a part of purchasing one, though it needs to be emphasized that, first of all it is crucial that your selected straight razor is capable of doing giving you a great shave.

These tips are best searched for from specialist forums, so spend some time and enjoy using these useful resources. You’ll be welcomed with open arms with a community of folks that have a very good understanding of straight razor shaving and will also be very happy to help you. I found a review on best straight razor from author Lee Walters. This is the best tips I have ever seen.

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