Build Your Own Identity with Stylish Uniforms

In many professions there are dress codes to be adhered to. For a hair stylist, work attire must serve different purposes. The attire must be professional and not tacky. Salon wear should allow both the stylist and client to feel comfortable and safe. Lastly the attire must adhere to rules and regulations of the salon. So where can you get all this? Consider our online store your one stop shop for salon attire and apparels.

A hair salon can carry much different merchandise but there are some essentials that no salon can run without. Here is a glance some of those essential items. These essential items include salon wear, aprons, smocks and towels. By any standards these are products that are required in any salon or by salon owners.

Towels are necessary for covering clients’ wet hair while they are being offered salon services. The stylist ought to wear aprons to shield the clothes from chemicals, dyes water and other stains. Clients also need smocks for protecting them from chemical spills or stains just like the stylists.
We aim to be a leader in the salon wear industry by offering a range of tunics and therapist performance salon wear that satisfies the glamour of high-end glamorous salons. We stock salon apparel by leading designers. Our stock includes cutting capes, salon capes, salon uniforms, spa uniforms, smocks and many more! We also have shampoo and chemical resistant capes.
It is important to have the right salon apparel when operating a salon. We carry a huge choice of salon and spa apparel in the industry. Our salon apparel includes vests, aprons, jackets, and shirts for the stylist from all the major manufacturers. Most of our salon wear are light weight, breathable and comfortable to work in long hours. Our stylist aprons come in ideal colors of blondes, browns, auburn and blacks and are made of chemical resistant materials.

Our wide choice of designs for men, women and youngsters will make your sear for proper things for your specific spa or salon easier.
Our selection of styles for men, women and children will enable you to find the right items for your specific spa or salon. Our passion is to deliver innovative styles and designs that guarantee quality and service. So while out there shopping, be sure to place your order while our products are still on offer and enjoy discount rates on various salons wear. We guarantee satisfaction to our clients through or service and choice of stock.