Paignton Hairstylists- for The Love of Hair

Our hair salon in based is paignton is exceptional, we specialize in doing womens hair extensions and marriage hair our intention is always to become one of the largest hair brand in the south-west, we utilize wella hair and british hair products to ensure all of our clients get the best products with the finest treatment and at the best prices. — hairdressers near me

We’ve a large amount of reviews in the region and we’re a 4.9 star salon out of 5, we aim to please every customer with our support, our hair-stylists are completely trained by wella in balmain hair and we’ve been using individual balmain hair for more than a year now since the company newly began, our beauty shop is based in paignton torbay right opposite from poundland and just across from the stop, our employees are interesting and pleasant and very professional, when clients come here they feel right at home, its like returning to observe your family once every 6 months when your due a trimming, once people arrived at for the love of hair, they dont go anywhere else, the employees make great glasses of teas and coffes, we have been family freindly, and if you are searching for somthing small like a dry cut or merely a clean and blow-dry to somthing similar to a perm to your cut and blow dry or perhaps even some hair exts, our beauty shop is the greatest location in paignton as well as to find the best prices.

We have lots of hair products for sale, we promote all british hair products that people promote at the same prices they do, so whether you are looking to buy online or you need to pop into the salon to create a buy for you favorate styling goods or squirt, you are able to do both. Our staff help are a Mazing, we regularly have customers arriving with no idea what type or look or hair colour they desire. Superb individual advice to assure our customers get the best look they can is given by us. Frequently they go home to there freinds and they come in for the exact same appearance.

We’ve 2 senior stylists in the salon, as well as a recently quailifed stylist who is looking to build up her clientelle, we get all our trainee beauticians from south devon school, we only take them from here as they’re the best place in devon. We might only be a little salon that is local. but our service for the costs are at the very top levels, our beauticians are delivered on corses all-year round to make certain they keep with with hte fresh hair craze styles and trends to suit every clients needs, we’ve got wella and balmain and british hair coming across the beauty shop all year round to do refreshment corses in the beauty parlor also to help us choose the best stocks,colors,hair plug-ins to match every customers needs. — hairdressers near me

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