The Science of Blow drying

In order to select the correct Salon Hair Dryer it can be helpful if you understand what it is you are actually doing when you are heat styling or “Blow drying” with a blow dryer.

The complex bit..
Now, whether you are using a salon hair dryer or a high st blow dryer — the science of blow drying hair is the same.
Hair is made of a protein called Keratin. Which in turn is made up of chains of proteins called polypeptide chains. These are held in place with hydrogen bonds that determine its shape and whether you hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight. Hair which has not been styled is in a natural state is known as alpha keratin.

The Science..
When hair is washed these temporary hydrogen bonds break and can then be reformed into a new, different shape by blow drying, brushing and heat styling, commonly known as “Blow Drying”. This process means you can curl straight hair, smooth frizzy hair or straighten curly hair. Or to simplify, simply blow drying into a desired style.
This reformed (Blow Dried”) stage is know as beta keratin… and yes, your hairdo has a scientific name, by blow drying you make your hair into beta keratin!

Why is this important??
Well if you don’t dry your hair properly and leave it damp, it can revert back to alpha keratin…you lose your style. That cold shot button on all our hair dryers cools the hair quickly after heat styling locking the beta keratin stage in better… READ MORE