Honest Confessions Your Hair Stylist Will Never Reveal

As your hairstylist is working on your hair, there is a lot going on at the back of their mind and behind your back.

The good, the bad and the ugly — they see it all. Whether you go for hair extensions or a haircut, you’ll be surprised to find out what goes on in a hairstylist’s mind. The confessions of hair stylists are extremely interesting to be honest. Let’s see some of the best ones we have come across.

Picture Credit: Pixelby

They Don’t Really Like Talking To People

It’s hard to believe that in a people pleasing business, the hair stylists can be anti-social people who don’t really like talking to you but they have to because they need to. They are usually so drained from working and talking all day that they are dying for a break.

Even if you think you have the best human hair possible and know what you actually need, a stylist knows best and by challenging them, you show signs of mistrust that can be very off-putting. But we can’t blame them, it’s very tough to keep cool with so many clients.

They Sometimes Lie For Tips

There have been instances where stylists have confessed to making up stories in order to amuse clients or try to build a soft corner in their hearts so that they tip better. There have been incidents of clients who came for a hair extension and were sold cheap hair by telling them it’s a real one but were actually fake ones. This is why you should always go for a reputable salon or buy hair extension on your own.

They Hate It When You Come Without Washing Your Hair

As obvious as it is, there are numerous times we all go to the hairdresser hoping they clean and wash our hair without us having to do all the messy work. There have been anonymous confessions about hair dressers cringing at lice and smelly hair while applying hair extensions on their clients. But hey! It’s a part of their job and they still do it with a smile.

Despite all the tough aspects, hairstyling is one the best professions around and nothing can beat the feeling of making someone feel good about themselves by enhancing their looks.

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