Happy Sheets

A while ago my mother introduced me to linen water. Yep, that’s right linen water. I thought that had to be the dumbest thing I had ever heard of. I mean you wash your sheets and they smell like laundry detergent, what else do you need? Because the box clearly said “Rain Forest Scent,” and believe me you, I want to smell the rain forest every night when I lay down (seeing as I’m too scared of snakes to ever visit a rain forest, I’ll just substitute). One day while cleaning, I run across my Mother’s linen spray. Needless to say, since she is my mother, and I am a certified crumb-snatcher, I took it upon myself to use some. I will admit, yeah, it smelled good when I doused my sheets in it, but my sheets already smelled good, so I still wasn’t convinced. So I went ahead with my fabulous day, gracing people with my presence, and making others cool by association, never once thinking about my sheets that awaited me at home. Fast forwarding, I have finished my day and am about to retire for the evening. As I go about my usual routine: checking for bags under my eyes, seeing how I would look with a nose job, telling myself that that other donut was necessary because I have needs too. I jump into my bed with my teddy bear and SUCKERPUNCH! I’m transported to some ethereal realm of heavenly scents, and it wasn’t just the rain forest! All of a sudden, I feel cheated, angry, discombobulated. How could I have gone so long without this in my life? So I looked at the price on the bottle, and I magically understood why (refer back to previous post, Ben Franklin was my Daddy). But I couldn’t just let it go, no, never! I put my cape on and stood in front of the fan, with one leg propped up, and declared I would find a way to have that delicious smelling water in my bed. I’m proud to tell you that I’ve found the secret and because I love you guys so much, I will share. This one even gives you a reason to get tipsy. Who could ask for more? Getting a buzz, under the guise of DIY projects, it’s a win-win! *standing ovation* Please, you guys…you’re too kind, but keep clapping!

What You Will Need


Distilled Water

Scented Oil (Lavender is good for sleeping, but Orange smells divine)


Take empty bottle and add about an ounce of vodka (a couple of tbsps.), a ½ tsp of preferred oil, and the remaining volume filled with distilled water. Place lid on solution and shake well to help incorporate all ingredients, and voila! It is ready to use.

Tips: Can be used for ironing and room fresheners as well. *You can substitute distilled alcohol for the vodka. **If you want just a hint of fragrance, then feel free to change oil measurements.

**This is also a great idea for the holidays, when housing additional family! From our family to yours…Merry Christmas!

As I come to a close, I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog. I would say “my blog” but I feel like it’s “our” blog. I want you to feel like you’ve just come home every time you stop by. So by all means, come in, take your shoes off, and let’s talk for a while…


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Originally published at thecottondiaries.com on December 23, 2015.