Pizza Bread

A Quick and Delicious Pizza Bread Recipe

For some reason, in my adult years, I have become a pizzaddict pronounced pee-zad-ic. Def: Someone who is addicted to pizza. (Tip: You can feel good about yourself because you were being proactive and learned a new word today, you’re welcome). Anyway, this is a great idea for several occasions when you don’t want to spend a lot of money or time and it’s great for involving kids in meal time activities. The version we did is for “cheese lovers.” Without further ado, I give you a chance to be crowned the “Best Parent Ever.”


Pepperoni (or topping of choice)


Tomato sauce


Olive oil

Italian seasoning mix (optional)


Cut baguette in 2 halves and lightly drizzle with olive oil on both inside and outside of bread. (To keep outside of bread from getting too hard make sure to brush all over). Ladle tomato sauce on the inside of both halves and spread to desired tastes. Lightly sprinkle cheese over sauce. Add pepperoni. Because pepperoni can be on the salty side, we added more cheese to balance it out. Place in oven and let toast until cheese is melted and slightly crusted. Remove from oven let sit for about a minute, (to keep toppings for sliding off), cut with sharp knife or pizza cutter and serve

Pepperoni Pizza Bread
For the Cheese Lovers

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Originally published at on January 30, 2016.