How to Fix Chassis Control System Error Easily

Clark Hairston
2 min readJun 15, 2024


Nissan Rogue drivers, and those with similar models, might encounter a dashboard alert signaling a “Chassis Control System Fault.” This message, while concerning at first glance, often signifies an issue that can be resolved with the right approach. The chassis control system plays a crucial role in ensuring the vehicle’s stability and handling, enhancing both safety and comfort. Addressing errors in this system typically involves resetting or replacing specific components.

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The chassis control system in vehicles like the Nissan Rogue and X-Trail V-Series represents a leap in automotive technology, aiming to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. This system, leveraging data from various sensors, manages the vehicle’s dynamics to prevent excessive force on the car, especially on rough terrains. Understanding the components and functionality of this system is the first step in troubleshooting the chassis control system error.

Understanding the Chassis Control System

The Core Technologies

  • Stability Management Systems (SMS), Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), and Traction Control Systems (TCS): These technologies work together to maintain vehicle stability, prevent wheel lockup during braking, and ensure optimal grip on slippery surfaces.

Key Features for Enhanced Driving Experience

  • Active Ride Control: Adjusts traction and braking based on road conditions for a smoother ride.
  • Active Engine Brake: Modulates engine braking to assist in cornering and braking, reducing the need for manual brake application.
  • Active Trace Control: Enhances cornering at high speeds by controlling the braking force on each wheel, offering a secure and comfortable driving experience.

Troubleshooting Chassis Control System Faults

Common issues leading to a chassis control system fault include faulty wiring or sensors, contamination, or software glitches. Solutions may involve:

  • Tightening Loose Battery Connections: Ensuring all connections are secure can resolve many electrical issues.
  • Cleaning or Replacing the Battery: Addressing battery corrosion or replacing a dead battery can restore electrical system functionality.
  • ABS Sensor Failure: Fixing or replacing a faulty ABS sensor can eliminate errors in the chassis control system.
  • Addressing Ground Lead and Wiring Harness Issues: Repairing or replacing defective ground leads or wiring harnesses is crucial for the electrical system’s integrity.

Final Thoughts

While the chassis control system is a hallmark of Nissan models, providing enhanced confidence and driving pleasure, errors can occasionally arise. Diagnosing and fixing these issues may require professional assistance. Vehicle owners experiencing a chassis control system error should consider consulting a qualified mechanic to ensure their vehicle remains safe and enjoyable to drive.