Crush Your Life with a Power Song

Lucky for humans, we are all blessed with unlimited confidence, energy and motivation.


Ok, maybe some of us need a little boost once in a while. For those of us who don’t always have that extra something to get us through tough spots, enter the power song.

This is not the power ballad of 1980's (though for you maybe it is). This a song that fills you with the feeling that you could conquer the world. This is the song you would blast just before you stepped into a gladiatorial death match. The one, that when you’re done, leaves you with that eye of the tiger look.

Everyone needs a power song. You don’t need to be an athlete or gladiator. We all need that extra umph.

Find your power song and blast that shit. Make it part of your routine. Have a morning commute? Start it with your power song and set yourself up to absolutely destroy your day. Have a tough meeting coming up? Throw on some headphones and pump that piece at your desk. If you are somewhere you can belt it out, do it. The power is exponentially increased when you are also singing it … loudly. Throw in a power pose and you’ve got a trifecta of power that the universe may be unable to contain.

Do you already have a power song? I’d love to hear what it is. If you need some ideas, here are two I’ve become particularly fond of:

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