And so we start a new year — a new decade even!

Once everyone’s back from the summer holidays, we’ve got you covered for a thorough planning session to kick-start the roaring 2020s.

Here are 6 steps to get to your digital marketing plan for 2020:

1. Use your data

This is the perfect time to dig into your data and use it to make decisions for 2020.

Two key things you should look out for in your data are:

  • Information about your target customer/client: Who are the people engaging with your business — like people following you on social media or visiting your…

The speed of your website probably isn’t something you think about day to day, but it can have a sizeable impact on your business.

Amazon calculates that a page load slowdown of one second could cost them 1.6 billion USD in lost sales each year.

Google has also calculated that by slowing its search results by just 400 milliseconds, they could lose 8 million searches per day — meaning they’d lose millions of dollars in AdWords revenue.

Speed Matters

Speed matters, and this doesn’t just apply to multi billion-dollar companies. If you have a website that promotes, advertises or sells products or services for your business, then it applies to you.

A slower website results in higher bounce rates (users leaving your website after just visiting…

Building a long-term relationship with your donors takes time and effort, but it is well worth it.

If they have donated to your organisation once, they are likely to donate again. It is crucial to keep your NGO top of mind, and to keep those who engage with you loyal. There are a range of communication channels that all play an important role in getting the message across, whether it be via email, social media, events, re-marketing or online advertising.

Email is the driving force behind online giving and is a powerful tool to encourage donations. Email gives you an opportunity to really educate your audiences, and get them engaged.

In this blog we are focusing on…

Getting a donation online can be hard work. Having a basic “donate” button on your website is no longer enough to gather regular funds via your website.

This blog will give you some ideas, tips and advice on how to improve the number of online donations your organisation receives.

Optimising your website for donations

Many of the tips we have outlined below can also be used in conjunction with all of your communication channels.

1) Donate button. Make sure your donate button is prominent, and on every page on your website.

2) Mission statement. Having a mission statement about your NGO is crucial. Keep it short and sweet, to ensure it can be understood immediately. …

All NGO’s are different and operate in their own unique ways, so different income streams work better in different environments. Making sure you have a healthy mix of income sources will not only diversify and grow your income, but also reduce the risk of being reliant on one source.

NGO’s should be conscious if 30% of their total revenue comes from one income stream, if this suddenly disappears, making sure you are diversifying through new ways of giving will assist with this.

Four New Ways of Giving

Everyone will have different reasons for donating, and ideas on how much they want to donate, and some might not even know how much they want to give, or how involved they want to get. Giving donors different options will grow your income revenue streams, and help you reach new audiences who may not be engaged in the traditional ways of giving.

We have identified some of…

Welcome to the first in a series of digital advice blogs for non-profits, charities or NGOs. We have started with a general overview, which will be followed by more in depth blogs that take you into specific tools and techniques.

What can digital channels do for your organisation?

There is an overwhelming amount of information online, and it can be hard to rise to the top. Some information is dubious in quality and accuracy, and putting yourself online opens you up to forms of criticism and negativity that wouldn’t be applicable in a face to face setting. The question that arises is, are there any real benefits for NGOs in engaging in the digital world?

We would strongly argue yes, as long as it is done with purpose and consideration.

Benefits of having an online presence for NGOs

Some NGOs are struggling to reach certain audiences using more traditional methods of communication, such as mail-outs and…

If you’re working out marketing budgets for the year, have a quick read — this will give you insight into how businesses benefit from marketing in different ways, what the market suggests, advertising channels that are proving popular, a wee bit about how we compare to the rest of the world, and how to measure success.

Before jumping on the marketing bus…

All businesses are different, and depending on how your business works, you may be sales or marketing focused. Even if your business has different needs and goals, marketing is still important way to increase brand awareness, and grow your business.

Business-to-business (B2B) companies tend to be more sales focussed, and spend less on marketing, in comparison to business-to-consumer (B2C) who usually have larger marketing spends, and generate more sales through marketing.

Getting the mixture right can be challenging, and justifying marketing spend can be tricky, especially when some activities cannot be directly attributed to a sale. …

Regardless of the type of business you are in, you are most likely noticing a recent influx of emails from companies like Google and Facebook letting you know about updates to their Privacy settings.

This is because the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th 2018.

Under GDPR, any business or organisation that communicates with, does business with or most importantly, gathers data from, EU citizens — no matter where in the world they are currently residing will be impacted.

New Zealand businesses who have a significant amount of web traffic and customers from the EU are the first who need to really focus on compliance — if you haven’t done this already.

You may need to comply with the regulations set out in this piece of legislation…

If your business or organisation relies on local clients or customers and benefits from showing up in local search results for queries like “nearest xyz to me” “xyz in Christchurch” for example (where xyz is your service or product), then you need to pay close attention to the changes Google has been rolling out recently.

Perhaps the most significant are the things that sit within your Google My Business page — previously called Google Business pages.

These have become much more feature and functionality rich and are designed to keep you on the search engine for longer rather than clicking straight through to websites for more information.

Not only is there more content now showing on each Google My Business page, there is also the opportunity for potential customers to ask questions right there on your business page — and for anyone at all to answer them!

It possible that a number of things could…

We recently blogged about the importance of managing your Google My Business page (which is also linked to your Google Maps listing) but one thing that is often forgotten is to also update and manage your Apple Maps listing.

Do my customers use Apple maps?

Many apps and sites use Apple Maps for directions by default, or some users just prefer to click on the Apple Maps icon on their iPhone.

In either case, if your listing isn’t up to date you might find you have some unhappy clients or customers who have been inconvenienced by going to the wrong address or not being able to find you at all within the Apple Maps app.

Christchurch businesses should be most aware of the need to update their Apple Map listing due to the number of moves that many businesses have had since the 2010 earthquakes.One…


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